01, April 2015: After much controversy, the agreement for the Lyon-Turin tunnel has been made between the French President Francois Hollande and Italian Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Maurizio Lupi. A spokesperson from renowned skiing holiday company, Ski Amis, has commented on the excitement from tourists about the increased accessibility for Skiing in the Alps once the tunnel is completed, in 2028. 

What is currently a three-and-a-half hour journey from Lyon to Turin is estimated to take just under two hours via the new transalpine railway line, which will be linking the two. Lyon is often referred to as the “gateway to the Alps” so it is a renowned hotspot for tourists on skiing holidays. 

The representative from Ski Amis said, “Tourists are thrilled about the agreement as it gives them a much easier journey to go skiing in the Alps. We certainly expect to see a lot more Italian visitors after the railway is completed.” 

The 35-mile tunnel will travel through the Alps and is predicted to cost over 26 billion Euros. Funds are currently being sourced from the EU, France and Italy, and it is, indeed, the sizeable cost that has created so much controversy around the project. 

Planning originally began 14 years ago but was put on hold due to negative public response and the ensuing demonstrations. Eco-activists also criticised the project, stating that the environmental impact would be tremendous to the surrounding land. 

However the railway plans have received the full support of the European Commission and it is going ahead, despite the years of delays. The French President has stated that no more obstacles lie in the way of its completion. 

The project has certainly received mixed reactions from the public, but a generally positive response from skiing enthusiasts who believe the tunnel will bring greater tourism for skiing in the Alps and make the region more accessible for everyone. 

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