07, March 2016: Office workaholics andcomputer addicts may be able to prevent future health issues by using SitYEA, the first application that monitors and corrects the posture of employees who sit at their workstations for prolonged periods of time. SitYEA, a personalized software programlinked toKinect technology, informs users about unhealthy habits as they workon the computer, when they have incorrect posture, when they don’t take breaks, and when they don’t move their eyes for a long time.


“Constant sitting is a modern epidemic, leading to serious health problems. While 70% of office workers spend an average of 5 hours per day glued to their chairs and computers, it’s no wonder 66% of them have experienced some kind of physical pain within the last six months. Various researchers report that back pain will affect 80% of the world population (5,8 billion) at some point of their lives,” said Thomas Martunas, CEO of SitYEA.


To make the new invention work, a Kinect device is connected to both the computer and the SitYEA application. In the near future, this software will be adapted to use with Intel RealSense cameras built-in computers.


“While on computers, we often lose the sense of time and forget about ourselves. That’s why we invented SitYEA, the virtual friend who will help to avoid bad posture while sitting or spending too much time in front of the screen without breaks”, saidMartunas.


Like no other technology tracking the posture, SitYEA is contactless and doesn’t require any daily plugging-in. The software starts working automatically every time the computer is switched on.Basically, install and forget it. Without having attached anything to the body,SitYEA identifies and analyzes arms, head, shoulder, and waist position and notifies the user when to correct it. It all happens in real time. Simplicity and integration with the currently used operating system is a big advantage of SitYEA, as it ensures that people won’t forget to use it.


SitYEA is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.com until theMarch 18, 2016. The revolutionary concept of investing in physical strength and comfort in an office setting deserves a shot at transforming workspaces across the country.

For more information, or to donate to a program that cares about the physical well being of people, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sityea/sityea-your-good-posture-advisor

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Company: SitYEA | Chief Business Development Officer
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