Mission Hills, CA, 01/04/2015 —
Late Tuesday afternoon Sion Nobel M.D. and his Marketing Director Gary Monroe held a press conference at Mission Hills Medical Center for TV, Newspapers, Digital Press and Magazines. Sion Nobel M.D. a highly respected Physician who has practiced medicine for the last 47 years with a pain management focus is now using PRP and BMCC (Bone Marrow Stem Cell Concentrate) to end pain and enhance new tissue growth. Dr. Nobel has opened a new division in his center at his Mission Hills offices. Dr. Nobel has been using PRP for ending Body Pain and Cosmetic Rejuvenation for the last 5+ years. Most residents in the community and in greater Los Angeles did not know Dr. Nobel offered these state of the art Stem Cell services. ” “It has required years of study and research for me to be confident about delivering the best medical services to my patients. PRP is a miracle break through and I will make it available and affordable for everyone,” stated Dr. Nobel.

Dr. Nobel shared how he watched Physicians Clinics in the wealthier parts of town deliver these services and the cost for these medical services and I wanted to offer this incredible cure to the working man and woman who need this just as much as the rich and famous. His clinic is open to everyone, he proudly say Hablamos Espanol as his clinic serves many members of the Spanish community. If you are in Pain they offer top medical services that include Stem Cell Therapies

PRP and BMCC are both part of what is now called Regenerative Medicine and if you have been suffering with a bad back, hip, knee, ankle, elbow, neck and more then chances are PRP can help you and end your suffering. In most cases using PRP Dr. Nobel said it quickly ends Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow and Shoulder. People who have been suffering with debilitating back pain and told they need and operation have come to Dr. Nobel and in most cases they were able to pass on the need those surgeries. Bone on Bone, Disk issues and the list goes on. They call this Regenerative medicine because it does not just stop the pain but it causes the tissue to begin healing. Long-term injuries or same day injuries are nearly no different. PRP, we are talking about your own stem cells will mend your body. Osteoarthritis is almost something of the past because of PRP, Tendons tears and sprains, Ligaments injuries are in most cases a fast and no painful fix after one session.

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You will also find further information on our web site at http://nobelstem.com

Summary: Dr. Nobel always smiles and say it is a miracle. The facts are in and living in pain no longer has to be a way of life. Dr. Noble suggest everyone do your own research. See how PRP ends the pain and initiates new tissue growth. See how PRP regrows hair on men and woman. See the beautiful results using PRP to remove wrinkles, bags, blemishes and more. Do your homework on PRP and BMCC and see why Time Magazine, US World News and Reports and nearly every other magazine and newspaper and TV magazines in the county are talking about PRP and Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Nobel is always available for a consultation. Most important Dr. Nobel has finally made these services affordable because in most cases your health insurance will NOT cover PRP so Dr. Nobel’s clinic has simple financing and a pricing model that will fit most people’s budget. Today everyone can live a pain free life.

Sion Nobel M.D. also offers a 1 1/2 hour live presentation with a full slide show explaining how PRP and BMCC works and what this miracle is all about. Please contact Gary Monroe at MERG Digital to schedule presentation along with any Radio, TV or Digital interviews. 310- 945 7414

About Mission Hills Medical Center: We deliver the highest level of medical services to everyone. Dr. Nobel is a one of a kind medical doctor who cares about his patient’s well-being.

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