Singapore is now rated number two in terms of its rankings for global business talent. The island city-state of Singapore is renowned for its open-style economy and it's also respected for its tech focus, which is garnering the interest of plenty of big achievers in the business world.

Since Singapore is successfully attracting plenty of business talent from all over the world, it's being compared with Switzerland a lot these days. Only Switzerland currently outranks Singapore in terms of Global Talent Competitiveness, based on stats from the 2017 report which was published by INSEAD. INSEAD is a business school in France.

INSEAD's yearly report, which shows the level at which various nations are able to compete for global talent, is the gold standard for assessing this aspect of competitiveness. At present, one hundred and eighteen economies are included in the report.

INSEAD partnered with Adecco Group, which has its headquarters in Europe, as well as the Human Capital Leadership Institute, in order to come up with accurate statistics which put countries in the right order in terms of their ability to get the best minds.

Scores are based on a range of variables, including what policymakers in the nations have done and what business leaders in the countries have done. After this information was analyzed, the economies of the one hundred and eighteen countries were assessed and ranked.

Scores demonstrated the ability of countries to attract talent, grow talent and retain talent. Also, scores were utilized in order to perform assessments of technical skills, as well as national talent pools.

Singapore Is All About Diversity

This Asian nation was the only Asian nation to hit the top 10 in this report. The rest of the top 10 was populated by countries from Europe. The diversity of the Singaporean economy is an asset. It's an open economy which welcomes many different types of businesses, domestic and international. Also, Singapore offers superb quality of life. The crime rate is very low, the citizens are literate and educated and the real estate values are good.

Singapore is a high-income country. There are a lot of opportunities there and this is surely going to continue. For example, Google just announced a new training program for the owners of small and medium-sized business owners. Google plans to partner with global training institutes in order to share its digital marketing expertise with one thousand SME business owners in Singapore.

Clearly, Google believes in the potential of Singapore and wants to help its SME owners finesse their Web marketing skills with a mind to global expansion. This is great news!

Now that you know more about the way that Singapore is making waves in terms of its ability to attract bright talent and keep it in the country, and how Singapore is the only Asian country to make the prestigious top ten, why not investigate business opportunities in this very livable island city-state? When you do, you'll be making a smart business decision, as Singapore is really going places.

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