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SiNApSE Blog (, India's leading IP news portal for corporates has recently launched the world's first intellectual property serial. Entitled Pills, the serial is  a work of fiction written by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala around the theme of patents and patients. The serial is expected to have  more than hundred episodes. An episode will be published every sunday.

The serial syndicates Dr. Kalyan's first patent law thriller, Road Humps and Sidewalks. Talking about the serial, Dr. Kalyan said, "Pills is the story of drug patents and access to medicines narrated in the form of a legal thriller. It will be a good weekend read for IP enthusiasts, and legal thriller readers. In addition to the thrill element, the serial provides insights into issues relating to drug patent systems."

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala is a reputed IP attorney in India. He has authored several works in the field of intellectual property, especially patents. Some of his best sellors in Non-Fiction and Fiction include Indian Patent Law, Fun IP, and Pirates of Bollywood.

Founded in 2007, SiNApSE Blog ( has today emerged as the leading IP news portal  for corporates in India. It carries IP news updates, articles and statistics. It is currently running a series on IP for StartUps, and Progress of IP in India during the last decade.

Some of the leading IP professionals, lawyers and professors write for the blog. In July, 2015,  the blog was made access friendly for the benefit of the visually disabled. It also has a free ads feature using which any organisation can post information on IP. The Blog also publishes books on different themes of IP. It is currently in the process of publishing a book on Indian Intellectual Property Insights from Young Intellectuals.
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