Tulsa, OK — Keith & Associates is a legal firm specializing in divorce law and divorce related legal issues. Selecting an attorney with integrity, that understands the nuances of divorce cases, is critical. Choosing an ordinary Tulsa divorce attorney could mean the difference in earning a favorable settlement.

Mr. Keith, owner of Keith & Associates, is a respected citizen in the Tulsa community. He completed his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma, before earning his doctorate law degree from the University of Tulsa. Mr. Keith has extensive experience in the private sector working in the oil industry, for publically traded corporations.

Mr. Keith belongs to, and is in good standing with, the American Bar Association, Oklahoma Bar Association, MENSA and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He gives back to the Tulsa community trough exceptional legal representation, and diligent pursuit of clients’ best interests. His firm, Keith & Associates is skilled in representing clients in divorce cases.

The firm can represent clients in separation, nullification and general divorce proceedings. Additional assistance is provided for child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support issues. Clients can expect attentive, considerate representation is divorce matters.

Divorce proceedings are challenging, so the right attorneys can make all the difference. The firm can also represent clients in other legal matters.
Keith & Associates can assist with personal injury, business, criminal, estate planning and immigration related legal issues. In all legal matters, the firm’s personnel strive to pursue clients’ best interests and maintain the highest levels of integrity. An ordinary Tulsa divorce attorney cannot match the dedication, skill or professionalism of Keith & Associates.

Select a Tulsa divorce attorney with integrity that understands the nuances of divorce proceedings. It could mean the difference between earning a favorable outcome. For a free consultation, send an email to [email protected] , or call (918) 585-3045.

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