Simple Internet Communications, the leading search marketing company in Malaysia provides the complete package of Search Marketing services which include Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click to individuals and organizations in Malaysia.

For a long time, Simple Internet Communications has taken a different tack with SEO and SEM in Malaysia , because they are aware of how confusing or insufficient the information on SEO is, the wild ranging pricing fees and marketing tactics used by SEO companies that overwhelm customers, they go lengths to educate customers on how much their online marketing campaign relies on SEO, what SEO is and how it affects their search engine ranking methodologies, algorithmic demands and how an assessment of their website with these important components is needed for better ranking. They help explain what PPC is and how to plan PPC campaign, and several considerations with PPC like why plenty keywords are detrimental to client efforts but advantageous to the PPC company, click fraud and fraud wastage; why PPC should not be part of search marketing tactics if the budget is too small with case studies to buttress these points.

Prospective clients find that they will take time discussing about their website with them, because with the right contents and elements that meet Google’s algorithmic demands, they can overcome the difficulty in ranking and keeping visitors from competitor’s’ website and turning them into buyers. Many clients are not well educated on the mechanics of online advertising strategies. They don’t know that with PPC for example, the keywords in play are crucial to the success of their ad campaign, they don’t understand click wastage, broad search keyword search against specific keyword search and so on.

Simple Internet Communications employs a simple and direct approach with  SEO in Malaysia by explaining why businesses are not being ranked in searches and how to solve this, as well as with PPC; where existing campaigns are audited, and determined if too expensive or inadequate and click budget optimized to be in tandem with recommended keywords. Their prices are transparent and same for all clients, large or small which means they pay same fees and get same service treatment. Take a look at Simple Internet Communication SEO Services to learn more about them.

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