March 2013 – Spring will be here soon, and that means vacations! Break that cabin fever with an “active vacation” from Simi Reizen. Dust off the winter’s neglect from your hiking boots and break out that sleeping bag. It’s time for adventure! And who better to take you than a team of sporty, enthusiastic, expert guides?

How will you find those, you ask, without paying an arm and a leg? Well, you find Simi Reizen, of course. Simi Reizen offers several action-adventure themed vacation packages, usually centered round specific age-groups. They even offer special father-son outings to help cement that familial bond.Simi Reizen will take you everywhere from the sun-soaked beaches of Croatia to the vital mountains that form the border between Spain and France. Each location has been thoroughly scouted by the folks at Simi. With Simi, you’ll get to hike some of the move beautiful ranges in all of Europe. Some of the jongerenreizen are practically a top-down tour, with hiking, rafting, and caving all from the same site!

You’ll be able to see glaciers in the Austrian Alps, rivers and caves in the Czech Republic, and some of the canyons of Southern France, all with enthusiastic and experienced guides!The fine guides of Simi Reizen will take you just about everywhere, to do just about everything. You can go spelunking in Slovenia, and spend the night in one of the caves you’ll visit. They’ll take you abseiling in Austria, where you’ll rappel down cliffs carved by ancient glaciers. Ziplines, swimming, archery, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, just about anything you want to put in your adventure, you can do. It can be adrenaline packed or slightly more relaxed, too. Outdoor sports abound, as well as more leisurely activities like beach volleyball. Some of the packages even pack in some free time so you can go visit nearby cities for a little of the softer life. Simi Reizen provides an all inclusive trip. They’ll feed you, with fresh produce procured from local farms and markets.

Each day starts off with fresh bread provided from local bakeries; the supermarket stuff just won’t cut it for the day of high adventuring on which they’ll guide you. You’ll have three square meals each day. You do need to bring your own sleeping bag, and clothes of course, but there’s tents there for you, but don’t worry about snacks. Simi is there for you. They’ll also provide lemonade, coffee, tea, and some soda. The cost on the trip even includes the booking and reservation fees.

If you don’t wish to, you don’t have to spend an extra dime over the booking cost. Sometimes, all you really want to do on a vacation is unwind. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to find that balance between relaxation and challenge. A rest well-deserved is surely the most satisfying. There’s nothing like a nap in the sun after taming the glacier-crowned peaks of the Alps, and Simi Reizen will help get you to the top.

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