10, February 2015: Silkensa Natural Beauty Products is offering a heavy discount of 68 percent on their flagship offering Pure Organic Argan Oil. Also, the product will be shipped on the second day of placing the order to customers who carry a prime subscription with Amazon.com.

When contacted, a representative from the company said, “Yes, we are delighted to announce the discount on our much deserving product on Amazon. Our aim is to increase the usage of this oil among our valuable customers. This oil is 100 percent pure and organic.” He further added, “This oil contains 100 percent pure organic and unrefined virgin oil. It is not only suitable for hair, but can also be used for face and moisturizing skin.”

According to the sources, Silkensa Natural Beauty Products are obtained through pressing and grinding seeds of virgin argan with the use of heavy stainless steel presses. The oil is produced in Morocco and brought to US by air in order to prevent it from oxidation caused due to exposure of light and air. The oil possesses a unique feature of getting absorbed by the skin and hair, thereby giving a non-greasy look to skin, hair and nails.

The Silkensa Pure Organic Argan Oil is beautifully packed in a light proof bottle with a pump and cap in order to preserve the quality of freshly cold pressed oil. The oil contains no added artificial preservatives, scent or perfumes. It gives a nutty smell which goes away instantly on application of just a small amount of oil to hair, face or nails. This oil is rich in anti-aging Vitamin E.

When contacted, Margaret, a user of the product said, “This product works great on my hair. My hair felt softer and manageable than it usually does and I was able to brush right through it. I love this brand of Argan oil.”

About Silkensa Natural Beauty Products:

Website: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I8CDXZ6

Silkensa Natural Beauty Products is a well known company presenting a wide range of hair and skin care products at most affordable costs. The company offers its products on amazon.com.