Dallas-based skincare company releases first makeup tutorial video on YouTube

Sano Naturals announces the launch of the first installment of a makeup tutorial series featuring their Silicone Makeup Sponge on YouTube, available now for viewing.

The release of this video comes on the heels of an explosion of tutorials and reviews of the new makeup applicator tool, the silicone sponge, which rose to popularity at the end of 2016. YouTube influencers such as Jeffree Starr and Tati have garnered millions of views for their videos demonstrating how they used the sponges, and their impressions of the innovative makeup applicator tool.

A representative from the company had this to say, “We’re so excited to release our own exclusive makeup tutorial video, filmed by popular YouTube makeup blogger, Dana Dey. Sano Naturals was one of the first companies to make a silicone makeup sponge available to the public, and we felt it was our responsibility to ensure that our customers understood how to best use the tool to achieve their desired makeup look.”

She went on to explain, “The makeup industry hadn’t seen the release of a new way to apply and blend foundation in some time. The silicone makeup sponge was such a revolutionary concept — the non porous cover over a silicone body meant that users could use half the amount of foundation while still achieving the airbrushed finish they were looking for. However, because it was so new, it necessitated walking users through step by step exactly how to use it. That’s where Dana Dey came in. Dana is a popular YouTube beauty blogger who is known for her informative hair, makeup, and style videos. We thought she would be the perfect person to film a tutorial video for us, and we were right. Customers have already given us feedback that the tutorial videos have helped them get the best results from their sponge. Sano Naturals will continue to release informative tutorial videos featuring our Silicone Makeup Sponge to showcase the versatility of the makeup applicator tool.”

Sano Naturals has posted the video on their YouTube channel. It can be viewed here. Their Silicone Makeup Sponge Silisponge Alternative is also available on Amazon now.

About Sano Naturals
Launched in 2013, Sano Naturals is a leading skincare and lifestyle brand based out of Dallas, TX. Sano offers wholesome, plant-based skincare products designed to naturally enhance the skin. Its flagship Vitamin C Serum achieved best-seller status on Amazon during the product’s inaugural year, transforming the brand into a skincare staple for hundreds of thousands of clients. Since its inception, Sano Naturals has expanded its offerings to encompass a complete skincare line. As of 2016, Sano Naturals entered the makeup niche with the launch of their Silicone Makeup Sponge, a silicone makeup applicator designed to allow users to more effectively blend out their liquid foundations while using less product.