When you are living in an old house, there is nothing more important than having a strong foundation, as this is the structural part that supports the entire weight of the building. Problems in older buildings are sometimes quite hidden, but they will always leave clues that can easily be detected by a trained eye. The sooner you discover any problem, the easier it will be to fix them. Therefore, the costs for foundation repair will also be less expensive. Scheduling a consultation with a professional foundation repair San Antonio engineer as soon as you discover any irregularity can save you from a lot of trouble in the future.


If you prefer living in an old house, then you probably know that it comes with a lot of features that you cannot find in modern buildings. A house that carries a long past behind will always have a unique character and a mysterious charm. However, no old house will be perfect. You have to expect the unexpected. Just like any living being, a house requires to be treated with care and respect if you want it to last by your side for a long time ahead. This is the reason why recognizing early signs of damage in the structure of the house will extend the life of your home.

There is nothing more important in a building than the foundation. If this part of the house is damaged, the entire structure is compromised. This underground portion basically supports all the weight of the building. Unfortunately, in old buildings you risk encountering such problems more often than you should, especially if they are not treated with professionalism. And foundation repair can be very expensive when the problems are not carefully fixed before becoming a big headache for a homeowner.


How can you detect some potential problems? What signs should you be looking for? A floor that is not leveled is an obvious warning sign and you must call a professional foundation repair San Antonio engineer as fast as possible so that he can determine the amplitude of the damage. Another sign that can be seen from outside the house can be noticed when you are looking at your foundation from one corner of the wall to the other. You must see a straight line. If you notice any bulge then this signals potential foundation problems.


Among other signs, you can check for significant cracks in the concrete, puddles that shouldn’t be in your basement or wet framing. The poke test an also tell you if you have foundation problems or not, especially when you are living in a very old house. Once again, the best thing you can do is turn to a reliable foundation repair San Antonio company, which can give you an accurate diagnosis.


Don’t let foundation repair become a big headache for you! The sooner you establish a meeting with one of the most experienced foundation repair San Antonio structural engineers, the faster you will receive the help you need.