Auckland, NZ; 06, August 2016: Signal Boosters, a New Zealand based company today announced the launch of their new line professional signal boosters, a leading market provider of signal boosters in New Zealand.

The Signal Boosters product line mobile signal boosters are designed and engineered for installation in bigger areas where signals are usually weak or can’t penetrate because they are blocked by materials utilized in a building’s construction, like steel and concrete.

How They Work

Signal Booster’s Vodafone Signal Booster in NZ is tested on a Vodafone Network. Inside the mobile repeater has products, which work with 3G, Voice and even to 4G LTE networks making sure that your cell phone signal booster will surely work with your current phone and is compatible along with any Vodafone network cellular carrier.

Spark Signal Booster has grown to be the biggest 4G network in the area. The best thing about Spark is that it works in tandem along with their own 3G and 4G networks to enhance cell phone signal.

The most awarded Telco in New Zealand is 2 Degrees Signal Booster. It provides 3G and 4G services to around 97.5% of the areas where Kiwis live and work. Their 2 Degrees is compatible with any network signals to boost strength and offer you superior connections on each call you make.

“Mobile Signal Boosters has been a professional team in the signal repeater industry for over 10 years, so we understand the ins and outs of the technology and have helped thousands of customers solve their weak mobile signal problems,” is stated by the company. “Our products are certified by New Zealand and international regulatory authorities, and we offer a generous 1-year warranty period on all our products along with 24/7 support should you require assistance.”

These boosters could be purchasedright away from their website or selected resellers.

About Signal Boosters:

Signal Boosters is the leader in the wireless communication in New Zealand and have designed cell phone signal boosters, antennas as well as related components for almost 10 years. Every booster is designed to improve mobile coverage in vehicle, home or workplace. All Signal Booster products are designed and tested in New Zealand to meet global industry guidelines.

For more information on the Signal Boosters product range, please, contact them at [email protected].

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