Martin Scorsese has always avoided making thriller movies in the past for unknown reason. However, the filmmaker has come out of his comfort zone and his latest movie, which falls in the thriller category, was reported to be a hit at the box-office. Shutter Island is considered to be a major comeback for Martin and it is said to have won lots of appreciation from critics and was nominated for Oscar. With years of experience in filmmaking, he is acknowledged as one of the best in Hollywood.

Shutter Island, a Paramount Pictures movie was set in 1954 and shot in a mental hospital. The main actor is represented by Leonardo Dicaprio who plays the character of a federal marshal and accompanied by his assistant played by Mark Ruffalo. The film starts with the two officers visiting the psychiatric hospital to investigate on a missing person. The movie has many twists, which can get quiet confusing at times. However, fans of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo reported that the movie is worth watching twice or even more. With interesting and new characters, the film is said to keep viewers occupied to their seats. Shutter Island also features other popular actors such as Ben Kingsley.

Shutter Island is based on a book written by Dennis Lehane with the same title. Other popular books written by the author are Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone. Initially, there was a controversy on the release date of Shutter Island for some unsaid reasons. The film was supposed to be released just in time for the Oscar function, however, it go postponed and was released only in October 2010. Shutter Island is not only Martin’s big hit, his previous movies such as The Avaitor, Gangs of New York, The Departed, Goodfellas, and Taxi Driver were all super hits. For more information please go to


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