Redecorating the bathroom or bathrooms which are located in your home can mean making a lot of decisions about what components you would like to have inside your newly-restored bathrooms. One thing that may come to mind while you are busy purchasing new items for your bathroom is shower trays. Choosing the right shower trays for the bathrooms in your home can be a difficult decision, so it pays to familiarise yourself with the different varieties available.

Shower trays (or shower bases) are available in many different shapes, sizes and materials. The product that you decide on will also depend on the amount of free space that you have available in your bathrooms, as well as how much money you are willing to spend. It is usually recommended that you try to go with the largest size of which you can reasonably fit in your bathroom. This way, you can ensure that you will have adequate room while you are in the shower. Locating the right size for the most affordable cost is the first step in finding the right type for your new bathroom design.

There are several different shapes available when it comes to choosing the perfect shower trays for your home. Many manufacturers provide their customers with a wide variety of bases that give off a certain appeal. Square bases are good to place inside of a corner shower unit, and the sizes for this type of tray will usually go up to at least 1000mm. These shower trays can provide you with a lot of extra room to move around whilst you are in the shower, so they are an excellent choice to make when redesigning your bathroom.

Quadrant shower trays work really well with sliding door units and also work well in corners and tight spaces. These bases will usually provide you with a large amount of extra space as well, and if you have the additional room inside your bathroom you may want to consider purchasing a quadrant tray to use since they can sometimes be longer in length.

Pentagonal trays are excellent to use when you do not have a lot of extra space inside of your bathroom to work with. These will fit inside the corner of a bathroom easily. At first glance, they often look like square trays - however, they do not form a complete square shape which leaves you with extra walking space in your bathroom. Many times those redecorating their bathrooms will choose this design over that of the quadrant style shower trays because they allow more scope for different decorating options overall. The Pentagonal tray is also available in much larger versions.

Low-profile trays are ideal for those that suffer from mobility problems, because the reduced height means that they're far easier to step into. This also reduces the risk of accidents. Many people choose the low-profile type simply for its aesthetic appeal, too - they tend to have a 'sleeker' appearance than the taller traditional trays, and are lighter too, so they're easier to transport.

Most modern bathrooms include a shower. Because they are such essential items, it is important to put a lot of thought into which shower trays would be most suitable for a new bathroom.