is a showcase website for new and upcoming authors. Some are showing their first book and others have many published works. Genres range from children’s books, mystery, thriller and crime, historical, romance, e-books and miscellaneous.  The website is a great place to browse the books on display and click on the amazon link for detailed information and to buy.

The website is a great tool for authors and writers are invited to contact the website to list their book for free. There is also the opportunity to claim a free review and to enter the book in Readers Favorite Book Awards.

In addition to the showcase of new books there are ten selected reads from Smashwords by aspiring self-publishers. Known as Indie authors, self-publishing is a growing industry as traditional publishing methods change. Now an author can publish their work in days rather than months, although the down side of that is the author has to carry out their own marketing. This website, offers authors the chance to show their work, and the opportunity for readers to find new writers.

The children’s section offers a vast selection of books and e-books ranging from picture books for kindergarten age to age 3-8 years and middle grade, to young adult. There is an assorted range from animal stories to self-help books to books with a moral to adventure stories, to just plain fun.

The mystery and crime thriller section offers exciting reading for fans of edge-of-the-seat reads for lovers of mysteries and adventure. The e-book section includes poetry, sea-faring adventures, thrillers, mysteries and crime.

Finally, historical and ‘other’ includes a varied assortment of factual and fiction books, romance, the unusual (such as a poetry book about chickens). There is bound to be a book for everyone on this site which is growing daily as more books are added.

For readers of all genres this is a great site to find a book you might not easily find on amazon, and it might just be the start of something big.

Contact: Jane Finch
Email: [email protected]