There are two answers to the question of hiring a contractor to build your vinyl fence or building it yourself, a short one and a longer one. As vinyl fencing experts and contractors ourselves, we are naturally biased, but with good reason we think. Here’s why.

The short answer is no, you should always get an expert to build something that needs to resist weather, neighbors, children and animals. The longer answer is slightly more complex, but comes to the same conclusion.

A fence, while not the most dynamic part of any home, has an important job to do. It keeps people and animals out, people and animals in and improves curb appeal. For it to do all those jobs well, it needs to be installed and built properly. Unless you’re very handy with a hammer and concrete mixer, it’s a job best left to professionals.

If you need a new bath in your home, you call a plumber. If you need a new engine in your car, you get a mechanic to fit it. If you need a fence constructed, you consult a fencing contractor. Some jobs are just simply too detailed or need specialist knowledge to complete to a high standard.

A fence, vinyl or otherwise needs firm foundations, accurate measurement, proper fitting and a real attention to detail to get right. If you have all those things, then fine, you could probably fit one yourself, but if there is even the tiniest element of doubt, leave it to the professionals.

Firm foundations — As the wind blows, rain or snow falls and children hurl themselves at your vinyl fence, a lot of pressure is put on the fence to resist that. Most of that is passed down to the foundations. Poor foundations means the fence will be weak and won’t be able to cope with that pressure for long.

Accurate measurement — As well as knowing exactly how much fence material to buy, you also want your fence to be perfectly straight. You would be surprised at how many fences in Canada aren’t the least bit straight and look the worse for it. Keeping a fence straight and true makes it look good and stops any potential boundary disputes too!

Proper fitting — Proper fitting of a fence should speak for itself. You need to know what screw to use where, which parts of the fence butts up to another, how to fix a gate, how far down to root the posts and a hundred other details you wouldn’t generally think of. While many are minor, they all contribute to a job well done, or not.

Attention to detail — This is one of our hallmarks and includes things like millimeter perfect corners, perfectly straight edges, tight fixings, tidy plot, hidden foundations and a myriad of other little details that separate a good job from a great one.

Yes we are biased but we are also professionals. We want all our neighborhoods to look good. So if you’re planning a fencing project, vinyl or otherwise, you know who to call.

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