15, April 2015: When you are attending parties or some night outs events, there is a big chance for you to become totally interested in checking out if there are some available drinks for you to enjoy. Drinking during parties and other kind of events is not new for most of us as this is already part of the culture of many people across the globe. But, aside from normal drinking and partying, there are also some people who would be more interested in various kinds of drinking games. 

Drinking games could be all about having the best shots in the rounds and sessions, but it could be more exciting if one must invest for a reliable product that would determine the right amount of alcohol being consumed by each person who is drinking. So, the main question is, is there really a product that would help you to count the alcohol consumption that you are having? Well, the answer is yes. With the technology right now, everything is already possible and that is how the Shot Time has been invented and is now offered in the market. 

What is this product? This product is design in order to help people to easily determine the consumption of alcohol that they are getting per shots. This is actually glasses with small LCD where the results would be displayed. The use of this product is starting to become popular in the market, especially because it is really useful for the needs of many people. Currently, the product is also being offered for the cheapest price of $20. 

The Features Offered by the Product 

There are various features that a buyer could expect with the use of this product which could be really convenient and ideal for your daily parties and night outs. If you are someone who would spend more time with friends drinking, then this could be a better investment. Some of the features offered are the following below: 

- It comes with LCD that displays the amount of consumption of the person who is using the shot glasses. It measures the nearest possible 0.1 oz of alcohol in order to provide higher and better accuracy on the results. 

- It comes with built in battery that is made to last for longer period of time. Planning to stay the whole night drinking? Do you want the drinking game to last longer? Rest assured that the battery of this product would be able to keep you updated on the use of it. 

- It offers the best and most accurate result. There is no more guessing time on the amount of alcohol that you have consumed as well as your friends, because this product would give you the answer that you have been looking for. 

- It is currently offer for a price of $20 in the online market. The price is really cheap and affordable compared to the amount you will spend in the alcohol that you will drink for the night!