Beer Steins are as popular as German beer across the world. Ernst Licht has come a long way in the manufacture of the customary German Beer Stein in a contemporary style.

Pennsylvania, USA – The thought of storing the popular drink of Germany, the Beer,in something innovative as compared to the customary Steins has become the main reason behind why Ernst Lichthas created and launched these huge beer mugs. Just like the original Steins, the Beer Steins made by Ernst Licht can store a lot of beer and have, therefore, been crafted with that in mind and yet attractively.

“Keeping those original materials and designs in mind, we havetried to be as simple as possible and yet tried to give it the traditional look. Keeping in pace with today’s fashion, we have come up with Bier Steins of variegated colors such as fuchsia, blue, gray, red, green, etc. as compared to the dark brown, black, and the pale yellow,” said a smiling Daniel Licht. The fresh range of beer mugs has been made to appeal to the modern generation. Keeping the base the same as the original earthen mug, the colors and the textures have been played with. Not only do the mugs come in different shapes, but also in variegated sizes. Ernst Licht has also experimented with that aspect of the mugs.

“We have also re-designed the mugs and their handles in order to bring in some novelty to them. Using these mugs, you will feel as you have gone back to the golden era of Germany. You can buy some of our fashionably designed beer mugs from our online store. They come in different varieties such as the traditional German shoe horn, the famous Glockenspiel or the clock tower, etc.” said an executive of the company. He further added, “All the products of our company are made from the best materials so that you can enjoy drinking beer from them.” Visit us

About the company: Ernst Licht is a manufacturer of traditional Beer Steins and other accessories that are symbolic of the German culture and tradition. They have a fantastic collection of hand-made Beer Steins that come in variegated designs and colors.

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Company Name: Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.
Contact person: Daniel Licht
Address: Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, Inc.
347 Main Street, Oley, Pennsylvania
19547, USA
Telephone: 1 — 610 — 987 — 9496