Shiv is infinite and Yog is merging

so shivyog is - merging with infinite


Ambala — 20th March 2013, India is land of Sadhna and the yogi who attain ultimate is a siddha where he become one with shiva .From ancient time the divine knowledge to attain the ultimate (god)passes from guru to shishya i.e from master to disciple  .In this kaliyug by the divine will of lord shiva and gurumandla avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji is giving grace to all mankind passing this divine knowledge by shaktipat (by divine will guru give his power to shishya) to sadhaks who come in the divine shivir . The kundalini Shakti which is dormant from infinite time rises and person realise his true potential his powers awaken and he become capable of what his true capabilities are.

Durga saptshati been mantratmak sadhna shivir is where baba ji gives diksha of divine been mantra of Durga saptshati which can only be awaken after thousands of years of sadhna.                                                                                                            


On the inspiration of divine mother baba ji is. Extending these power blessings of divine mother through Durga saptshati sadhna virtual shivirs In his subtle form all those  who attend these sat sang with deep devotion and surrender towards divine mother will receive the grace of the mother through baba ji ,s divine voice and sankalp (divine intent).    


A person who regularly does sadhna after receiving grace get hugely benifitted in form of attainment of good health increase in love energy between family members enhanced wealth prospects as hidden karmic dosh ends real self opens up and person  become spiritually aware and start ascending spiritually   

Venue - Tilla Gorakh Nath Mandir Ram Nagar Ambala City

Time - 4pm to 7pm

Contact Person - Manish Jain 9812042259


For media Contact: Atul [email protected]                                

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