(Free Press Release) In a major push to bring component-built, precision-crafted sheds to more New England markets, Sheds USA will increase it‘s online presence, as well as home-center availability, for customers looking for sheds New York, sheds Pennsylvania and sheds Maryland.

“When it comes to high quality backyard sheds, New York and the rest of the northeast is the place to be, “said, Jon Fox, President. Cold winters and hot summers put a lot of demands on a shed,” Fox said. ´If they‘re not built well, they don‘t hold up.”

Sheds USA sheds are particularly durable because of their unique method of craftsmanship. All shed components are crafted in a Sheds USA factory indoors using traditional home construction methods. Because all components are assembled on jigs, out of weather, then palletized for shipment to the site, Sheds USA builders then quickly and carefully assemble the precision-crafted shed components on site. “This process works exceedingly well,” Fox said. “Whether it‘s a cedar garden shed, vinyl outdoor sheds, pine sheds or a simple storage shed,
Jig-based factory construction for later onsite assembly produces the best quality shed,” he said.

Of course a vinyl shed needs no paint or finishing. Others, such as a cedar garden hutch, pine sheds and others with traditional wood shed siding need to be finished by the customer with paint or stain after assembly. Then again, when it comes to cedar sheds, New England buyers near the ocean might choose to let their shed weather to a natural gray from the salt air.

About Sheds USA
Since 1993, Sheds USA has been building high-quality sheds by precision crafting factory built components and panels. The components are then transported and assembled on site by trained personnel. The result is consistent quality, quick assembly and exceptional value. For more information please visit http://www.shedsusa.com/