(Free Press Release) Portsmouth NH August 9, 2011— Precision crafted products like TVs, washing machines and microwaves aren‘t built at peoples‘ homes, they‘re built at factories—and for good reason. Build something in a well lit, temperature controlled factory and quality can be managed. Parts can also be made consistently according to design as costs go down due to efficiency.
“I don‘t think anyone would buy a new SUV if the carmaker said they wanted to build it in the person‘s backyard,” said Jon Fox, President. “ We feel the same way about building sheds, he said.

While Sheds USA sheds are built from traditional materials used in home construction, the components of each storage shed are crafted in a factory where walls are assembled and squared in steel jigs. Likewise, roof rafters and other components are cut to close tolerances on machinery set up to promote quality and consistency. Nails, screws and other hardware are stored next to workers, wood materials are stacked neatly and nothing is laying in snow mud or water during the assembly process. Keeping a shed component dry is especially critical to the construction, since water can cause panels to warp, or, on a vinyl shed, moisture to get between the shed siding and the sheathing which can cause mold and other damage.
Once the shed components are crafted at the factory, they are strapped together to maintain their shape, packed onto trucks or trailers and delivered to their final destination where trained workers assemble the components—usually in less than a day.

Whether it‘s a cedar garden shed, vinyl shed or a basic storage shed, sheds have been around for hundreds of years, “ said Fox. “We‘ve simply moved the way sheds are being built into the 21st century.”

About Sheds USA
Since 1993, Sheds USA has been building high-quality sheds by precision crafting factory built components and panels. The components are then transported and assembled on site by trained personnel. The result is consistent quality, quick assembly and exceptional value. For more information, visit shedsusa.com