18 August, 2014: Maybe you have to fight alone for a long time just to accumulate enough gw2 gold, but when you need to fight shoulder to shoulder with others; you will need to get rid of their own problems.

Chosen profession and build, general practice operation skill in the first: if you choose to auxiliary guardian, so they go to point to 1 v2 v3 support long enough. If you choose the thief, so they tried to steal or surprise in seconds’ people can. Ordinary game won more than a few silver, however, don’t care about winning or losing, don’t care about the less people VS. Finally can respond to practice by conditioning small-scale melee. If you have enough space, it is recommended that each profession has set up a number, use the most popular build on dozens of PVP, and this will help deepen your understanding of other professional measures the timing.

Familiar with each map mechanism: such as the temple’s buff point, no eleven and a half, eight and a half, must remember the mechanism of five and a half; Mangoes maps, open mangoes two-thirds point shots, clock tower for a third strong, far point of four big three.

Practice look small map, “teammate rebuff, calculating the number of enemy: in the beginning, you almost all the attention has focused on their skills and target the skills of the release on CD, completely but to see what small map. But after you hit 100 to PVP is used to seeing small map, watching his teammate’s position and movements of the enemy, and team bar teammate’s symptoms, overall health.

Example: there are double creeps map, pay attention to the mini map creeps icon in the presence of moving, moving across the illustrated in hit creeps, creeps began to move to disappear the length of time can roughly estimate the number of enemy.

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