Shah Rukh Khan lends his voice for Sonu Sood's film


Since the release of Happy New Year (2014) Sonu Sood and Shahrukh Khan have become very close friends. Over the last 2 years their bonding has only become stronger. So, when Sonu was gearing up to launch the trailer of his maiden production venture, 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya', he was keen on having his friend Shahrukh Khan as a narrator.  As SRK is in Prague for work commitments, he couldn't shoot for the part. But, he went all out to help his friend and went to a studio to record his voiceover and send it to Mumbai.


Confirming the news, Sonu says, "I wanted Shah Rukh to be a part of my film.  As he was travelling for work, I requested him to be the narrator and he readily agreed. It's kind of him to take the effort and go to a studio in Prague, record his voiceover and send it to us."


“Well he has a huge fan base and it surely will reach a larger no of movie goers- But more than that what was important was getting a correct voice for the narration and there was none better than SRK - his voice has all the magic our trailer needed.” says Deepshikha Bhagnani

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