USA; 12, July 2016: A torchlight or flashlight is an item that almost everybody would find indispensable under specific circumstances. The flashlight is definitely more powerful than the torch of a smartphone helping to trace objects when its pitch dark as well as helps finds one’s way in the dark. Motorists make good use of flashlights when changing tyres or fixing an engine problem. Then again, flashlights come in perfectly handy for trekkers and hikers when camping at night or trudging along forested regions in darkness. Simply put, a flashlight is a versatile item that can be used to accomplish numerous functions. Towards this end, the Shadowhawk X800 is an efficient flashlight whose details can be studied in

The Shadowhawk X800 is a brilliant flashlight that has been painstakingly reviewed in in terms of its construction, brightness, zoom, and other parameters. The reviewer who has been in the army for a long period of time has had the opportunity to explore almost innumerable brands and/or makes of flashlights specially designed for use by the military. A few were found to be useful while some were just par for the course, and the rest were not worthy of mention. Nevertheless, the Shadowhawk X800 recommended by a close acquaintance was found to be a cut above the rest following an impartial and stringent review.

Before delving into product review, the reviewer reminds the user not to get carried away by hoax reviews and duped into purchasing expensive fakes or counterfeits. The preface in the confidently declares that the Shadowhawk X800 is undoubtedly the most superlative torchlight that military personnel as well as ordinary folks can use. Despite its small size (which of course is an advantage as the same fits comfortably yet firmly into most palm sizes), it produces flashes that’ll enable one to see a long way ahead in complete darkness. Chiseled out of premium grade of military or industrial-grade aluminum, this flashlight is not only heavy-duty but exceptionally lightweight as well.

Additionally, the serrated texture helps in gripping the torch solidly and is also effective when it comes to smashing glass if or when required. However, the USP of the Shadowhawk X800 has to be its luminosity or brilliance which is a staggering 800 lumens. Hence, the basic function that the flashlight is supposed to serve-that’s to light up one’s path-is performed par excellence. mentions two other flashlights-Porcupines and Life Pro Flashlight- that are in demand, have brightness of 70 lumens and 270 lumens respectively. The torch comes with 5 distinct light modes-high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe-that can be used in different situations. The zoom or magnification functionality of the product can also be exploited to the hilt.

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Shadowhawk X800 Review – Is It Really That Good?

The above site offers details about the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight that costs about $50.00 but offers much more than what it is worth. The Shadowhawk doubles up as a self-defense gadget.