Before anyone gets up in arms over sexism and unrealistic body images in our picture (It’s true that few men of 100 KGs are as toned as this guy), Dr. Felix the Sex Calculator Smart App has been built and programmed as a woman. That woman in the know, is now LIVE and she’s a 24 / 7 modern working woman.

Do we really need more incentive to have sex in more inventive ways? The computer has spoken, and she has said, “Yes.” A healthy sexy APP, you can at last live your life by, has gone LIVE. Developed in Scotland, she is a computer algorithm that goes by the name of Dr. Felix. She prescribes sex, and more sex. Don’t believe us?

We told the Smart App we wanted to burn off the hamburger we had for lunch. This was the Dr. Felix prescription to us, “Try 10 minutes of missionary followed by 25 mins of a squatting position and finish with 20 minutes of doggy style.”

In ten minutes or less (or more), your body’s anaerobic and aerobic exercise needs for the afternoon could be met. Follow this App and meet all your muscular and exercise needs for the day. Forget the gym. Get the private joy of sex doing more for you. Even Spooning delivers results! Did someone ask for a Free Sex Calculator app? You know you did.  Dr. Felix! Now filling in FREE ‘sexscriptions’ at

Free Sex Service

Forget the Astro-Turf and Swimming Pool fees. Fitness and health are co-habiting for FREE, and they’re sharing the same bed. Next time you decide to couple up, you’ll know exactly how much fitter, healthier, and worked-out you’re getting. The Dr. Believes in having more and more sex for longer too. Just in case something goes wrong the Doctor is backed by a pharmacy of reputation with specialism in STD treatments.

How it works

“The DrFelix algorithm uses your inputs” says product manager Sam Malik.

The man from our image is 100KG. Did you know that he can have all the delights of the “Girl on Top” view, and have his cake? The longer he goes, the more chocolate he can eat. It’s all already been burnt off. You’ve been invited to find out what suits you based on your gender and weight, and experience it for yourself at

The 100 KG man did almost as much good with his 10 minutes of lazy man sex (AKA “Girl on Top,”) as he would have done had he been doing aerobics! (8 minutes equivalent).

Guys: We imagine you’ll want to show-off to mates tomorrow, your rock hard gluts, biceps and strong (not hard) core. You’ll boast they’re thanks to your lovemaking.

Ladies: We imagine you’ll keep the Doctor’s orders secret from your lover. They’ll assume your voracious appetite is down to lust and not desire to fit into that wedding dress.

Oral Sex Formula

Metabolic equivalent scores (METs) counts the oxygen you consume when exercising. This guided the DrFelix educators in determining the veracity of a sexy task, and their health impacts. For the Doctor’s PHD equivalency, the designers, “Created our own formulae for oral sex and hand jobs based on figures from Woman’s Day, the India Times, and the Daily Position - Playbook of Nerves.”

Excited that the people are going to come and try his new sex application, Sam Malik continued: “Dr. Felix has been around the block, and she has something very nice to prescribe for you!” The quirky web and mobile application does raise a smile (amongst other things), and it’s available for embedding on your social media or other sites too.
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