Shanghai - The has devoted into the industry of hologram label for many years. Their designer Mr. Wang said:¡± most of our clients do not know how to choose their suitable label products. However, this is indeed not an easy thing.¡± In order to enhance clients¡¯ choosing ability, the best holographic labels manufacturer would tell people some useful advice.

Confirmation for Product Type

Clients should firstly understand their products¡¯ sort. According to the sort of product, the security hologram products can be designed for self adhesive labels, hang tags, promotional card, sealed up, pick a card, vouchers and so on. The type of label should be in line with the type products.

Selection of Color

The color of the hologram label should have fully coordination with the color of product or packaging. The perfect result is that the label could play the role of decoration. This could make the appearance of the product become more and more beautiful.

Selection of Material

People should consider whether the label needs to prevent the overall shift and whether security hologram label it needs to be made with the waterproof and antipollution function. These points are all depend on the environment of the products. All of consumers should have fully checking about this point.

Adhesive and Sticking Performance

If it is the self-adhesive hologram label, the adhesive and Sticking Performance would be depended on evenness of quality of glue, the sticking surface¡¯s smoothness and other factors. If the glue is stronger, paste surface is flat and without grease or dust, the adhesive performance would be better enough and it would not occur the off phenomenon.

Specifications and Shape

The production for the hologram label should be in line with the packaging and appearance of the product as much as possible. On the other hand, clients should also take the cost in considerations.

Production cycle

Considered the complexity of security products such as hologram sticker, the clients should check whether the supplier could supply the products they need timely. However, the online supplier is one of the high reputation suppliers in this industry.

Cost for Hologram Label

People determine the appropriate price range for their products based on the principle of practical and the added value of their products, and.

In addition to above factors, there are also other small aspects people should take into Hologram Material consideration. No matter what kind of situation, the searching for a high quality supplier should be the most crucial points. However, the should be the best choice for people who have demand for hologram label products.

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