What if there was a way guitar players could interact with professionals all over the world directly, using their own home recording system? What if they could play on all kinds of tracks, explore new ideas with other great players and earn a living from the results?

That way is Beathaven a new service developed by musicians as a collaborative home where everyone can be a session player. Engage with professionals, play on pro tracks, earn sessions fees and download revenue for great parts. Network with respected industry players and producers looking for new material. Beathaven lets you promote your music and find pitching and placement opportunities for your creativity.

Browse through the tracks until you find one that is well suited to your skills, download it and unleash your talent. Upload the completed track and if it’s mind blowing you’ll receive either a session fee or a revenue share for downloads of the tracks you play on. You’ll also be connected to a network of professional contacts and opportunities. Beathaven is all about finding ways to advance your music career.

You can join the jam here:

Website: https://thebeathaven.com
Submitted by: Jamie White
Company: Jamie PR
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9999999999
NYC, New York, USA