Kolkata, West Bengal, 10/12/2013: Many businesses in kolkata facing tough situation after recession started in getting quality new leads, but even during these tough economic times many others are enjoying the business like before. So, what is the reason behind this we asked few of the business owners around the city of kolkata. And their responses stunned us about the growth of Search Engine Optimization and its practical uses in today’s world. Few of the views are as follows that are prevelent among many business owners.

1. Business owner Mr. Roy. We are enjoying business as usual there is no change in our business returns rather it has increased its productivity and now we are earning more.
2. Business owner Mr. Goyel. We are selling more than before so we dont see any change or effect of recession atleast in our business.
3. Business owner Mr. Sharma. We are gaining new clients almost every day and quite satisfied with our business.
4. Business owner Mr. Anand. We have started our franchisee operation as our business grew beyond our expectation in recent years when all are saying business is less.

So, considering all these views we put a bit of thought it what is the reason behind this? And what we came out with our study is the businesses which were steadily investing in their Search Engine Optimization were earning healthy amount and growing as well. As a result of the same they even started getting trained and we could see many are trained from a renowned SEO Training Institute in kolkata.

So, we went to the seo training in kolkata office and wanted to know the secret beyond this amazing science of SEO and they offered us to attend few of their Training classes.

Where we could learn following aspects of SEO :

1. Internet Marketing & analysis
2. Understanding what SEO is all about
3. Content Optimization & LSI Algorithms
4. Content Optimization
5. Keyword Density in Content
6. Anchor Linking (Link Baiting)
7. Heading Tags ( Page Title )
8. General Implementations
9. Implementation of KEI effectiveness based Keywords.
10. Differenciation between Local Keywords and General Keywords.
11. HTML Code Optimization & File Names Statistics
12. SEO business model and Campaign
13. Off-page Optimization with ethics :
14. Search Engines Submission
15. Linking Building Process
16. Types of Linking Methods
17. Free Links / Paid Links
18. Directory Submissions
19. Google Places Listing
20. Classified ads Posting
21. Forum Signatures and Commenting
22. Social and Blog Commenting
23. Posting a Press Release
24. Article Submissions
25. Video Submissions
26. Social Bookmarking

After attending classes on all the above topics at seo training in Kolkata we now understand the value of SEO Training for students, IT Professionals, Business owners, House wifes, Home based workers and Marketing Professionals specially. As even in low business times Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other platforms brings in real and interactive users who in terms buys products and if we know how to tap this set of customers in right time and in right manner then no one can stop us from growing our business and take it to the next level.

For students it’s a must knowledge which will not only open up their mind towards the most essential marketing aspect of today’s world and also make them more informed citizen who can take decisions in their life and grow their career in the proper direction as after getting trained in SEO from Extensive Ideas they will have all the life skills to optimize any business they want in its niche area to generate more business and stay in a healthy position by doing it they will not only ensure a safe business path for their companies they will also secure their career. Here seo training institute in kolkata is working towards building SEO Knowledge in society in a broader and in a very cost friendly manner. We wish all the best to students and business owners and suggest them to join in SEO Training programme and bring more business and bring stability.

For Media Inquiries:

1. Seo training in kolkata: South sibachal, birati, Kolkata — 51, WB, 09836375842, www.extensiveideas.com

2. seo training institute in kolkata : South sibachal, birati, Kolkata — 51, WB, 09836375842, www.extensiveideas.com

3. seo training in kolkata: G3, South Sibachal, Shoilya Kutir, Birati, Kolkata – 700051, 09674118011, www.seotrainingkolkata.info

4. seo training institute in kolkata: G3, South Sibachal, Shoilya Kutir, Birati, Kolkata – 700051, 09674118011, www.seotrainingkolkata.info