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There are no short cuts to improved performance at the search engines, no guaranteed formulas for overnight success. Promises of instant results, or a cast iron top listing should be greeting with a healthy dose of scepticism.

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If an SEO consultant suggests submitting your URL to 10,000 search engines and directories wouldn’t you want to know exactly where it will end up? After all, we’re talking about the credibility and reputation of your Web site.

Trying to artificially boost your ranking at the search engines is poor strategy. Their algorithms will not differentiate between a premeditated attempt to trick your way to a top ranking, or your innocent use of a consultant who employs such methods, but the result may be that your site suffers either way.

If you are flirting with questionable SEO methods, you should ask yourself a few questions before you proceed:

- What are you trying to achieve?
- Does your strategy add value to your site and does it help those searching for the content you provide?
- Is your site simply a collection of commercial and affiliate links, or does it deliver valuable content and good information to your visitors?
- Would you feel comfortable explaining your SEO strategy with the owner of a competing site?

Google are constantly manipulating their search engine algorithm, in an effort to deliver a better product; Information that is more accurate, more relevant and delivers increased value to their users. Rather than try to do an end run around the Google search engine algorithm, consider embracing that doctrine.

A good, solid and ethical SEO strategy requires plenty of hard work and patience. The potential rewards are not limited to your site alone, but also to those of your link partners and most of all, the internet users who are searching for the service or information that you provide.

You can always fall back on the services of an SEO consultant if all else fails. Here comes seo company in Kolkata with best optimization, link building, reputation management, social media optimization services in a single package for you which you can take as a simple monthly seo package and get all the services under one roof.

Questionable SEO strategies will always exist, as will the many people who choose to use them, but a far greater feeling of satisfaction will result, through the use of an ethical approach which leaves your credibility and the reputation of your site intact.