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Before setting up and designing a new garden, it is better to check the pH levels of soil to make sure that the plots that will be used for the different crops will be of great quality and the problems and issues associated with garden will not be experienced.

According to the website of the Royal Horticultural Society, natural methods when testing the pH levels of gardens include adding lime to increase the pH level and make it more leaning towards being alkalinic. There are reportedly also instances when acidifying materials are utilized to make them more acidic, therefore decreasing the levels.

The Royal Horticultural Society does not specify a time when gardeners have to test pH levels of their gardens and soils but this testing is more recommended to be done regularly within three months to avoid results that can be inaccurate. SelpHbalance offers a digital pH meter that is one of the market’s best products when it comes to testing the pH levels of gardens.

Details on pH levels of garden and soil

The website has also provided a detail breakdown of the pH levels when you use digital pH meters such as those of SelpHbalance, taking into consideration that the neutral levels are at 7.0pH.

When pH levels come at 3.0 to 5.0, the garden is said to be having a very acidic soil content. In these cases, the society website noted than many of the plant nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and copper will tend to be soluble during these cases and cannot be used by the plants because they are washed out. Furthermore, plants can be inaccessible to phosphates because they are “locked up and unavailable.”

Meanwhile, during those times when the pH level of gardens come at around 5.1 pH to 6.0 pH, they are still acidic soils but can be a better condition already, especially for plants like camellias, heathers and rhododendrons, the website noted.

When pH levels of soil go up further until 7.0 pH, they are considered moderately acid. According to the society website, a pH of 6.5 is considered ideal for the general gardens to grow multiple plant varieties. These are the instances when the nutrients exist in the highest of levels.

Exceeding these levels at pH 7.1 to pH 8.0, garden soil tends to be alkaline and the website noted that nutrient availability tends to decrease. Some of these nutrients include iron, manganese and phosphorus. When these happen, they can cause plant diseases in the gardens.

How SelpHbalance can help
SelpHbalance has been a company known for long-term health awareness for its customers. One of the products that can be beneficial to monitor the safe pH levels of gardens is the digital pH meter, available on Amazon.

“This is a perfect tool for the beginner in gardening. I have no idea what I am doing and I am just learning as I go so this helps dummy proof things for me. I have two aerogardens and have had some successes and a lot of failures,” wrote one Amazon user in the review. “This meter works perfectly and is highly accurate."

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