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Science has indicated that the blood pH levels that are in the normal range is between 7.35 to 7.45 and they are slightly over the neutral range. It is important to know that there are changing pH levels that a person can experience when he or she is in the middle of a strenuous activity or exercise, and the blood is affected in terms of dropping pH levels. A report online emphasized that there are body adaptations why these are becoming impossible and there are also some activities that a person might not know causing blood pH to drop.

“A change in your blood’s pH during exercise is largely caused by the increasing need for energy,” a report on Live Strong stated. “When you exercise, the cells kick into high gear, making energy to facilitate the movements.”

The article also specified that there are two ways by which metabolism changes during exercise, namely aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. Aerobic metabolism is when energy is produced by means of utilizing oxygen and anaerobic metabolism makes energy without the need for oxygen. The “byproducts” of these phenomena are reportedly the reasons why blood pH drops during exercise and other rigorous activities.

How do they happen?

Live Strong explained the build-up of acid in the blood of the human system. Aerobic metabolism makes it possible for muscles cells to create carbon dioxide inside the blood. The carbon dioxide is then transported by the blood in the used muscles and they are exchanged for oxygen. The new combination formed between carbon dioxide and hydrogen reacts and is in charge of the acidity in the blood, causing pH levels to drop.

Meanwhile, during anaerobic metabolism, increasing intensity of exercises makes it possible for the metabolism to create a byproduct known as pyruvate, that reportedly transforms into lactic acid and blends in with the blood. As an acid, they create lower pH levels in the blood, Live Strong stated further.

Exercises can mean a lot about changing body pH levels and it is still important to monitor them into right levels in order to live a healthier life.

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