Get to know more about SelpHbalance’s digital pH meter for your needs

SelpHbalance’s digital pH meter is a product that has been testing pH levels of drinking water, gardens, food, water pools, water spas and more to ensure that human beings are getting the best health they can possibly get. But it should be important to note that the scope of this product can even reach out to fish farming.

In an article posted on website Yokogawa, fish has been known to holistically function as entities living in the water. Since they are dependent on water to be able to perform its life functions which include breathing, growing, feeding, excretion of wastes, maintenance of salt balance and reproduction, the right pH balance of water is necessary for fish farming. The website emphasized the importance of quality water in the efficiency of aquaculture operations.

Right pH levels in fish farming

According to the article, pH levels of fish facilities that have very high and very low pH measurements, such as those greater than 9.5 and less than 4.5 respectively, as said “unsuitable for most aquatic organisms.” Living organisms and creatures in the water will reportedly die on low pH levels.

Yokogawa further noted that even high pH levels among fish can disrupt the function of their cells, as much as low pH levels can also harm them because of the large amounts of metals released from stream rocks and sediments. When the fish begin to take in these components, their metabolism can reportedly be affected.

“At high pH, most ammonium in water is converted to toxic ammonia which can kill fish. Moreover, cyanobacteria toxins can also significantly influence fish populations,” the website noted.

How SelpHbalance digital pH meter can help

Testing the pH levels of fish farms is one of the major functions and uses of this digital pH meter. According to its Amazon page, the selpHbalance digital pH meter performs as a single touch, mess-free and reliable device that can provide accurate pH measurements for applications like fish farming. There is no need for messy and less quality pH strips and papers with this digital pH meter.

It is equipped with an auto calibration feature that maintains proper accuracy and has six buffer packets to sustain it. For more information about the product and for customer reviews, check out its Amazon page..
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