is a data cloud storage service offering company which is announcing its services online. initiates data or cloud storage services online for optimum data security. The company is providing an advantageous opportunity to corporate or other sector related folks who frequently need data storage and exchanging online. According to the company, they are offering a secured Private Cloud storage amenity to the users where a big size of data can be piled up on an encrypted drive. In line with the shared information by the company, users will also get the benefits of drop box amenity where their business clients can transfer any size of data to user’s Secured Box using any website. The company calls attention to the advantages of the Encrypted files storage system for small as well as big business owners who can easily manage the upload and download of the business data by coordinating with a team. also mentions about the Secure video calls online where an user gets to make secure conference calls online. The peer-to-peer conference video call is allowed up to 16 members and complete security is assured online without the necessity of installing any external software. Users will have to simply enter the email addresses of the other members in a peer-to-peer conference call and using the link generated online, the user can easily make a secure private call without any fret or insecurity. The company adds that users will get unsurpassed benefits of the secured box service like no chat or conference call history available, users can control the chat, calls or storage by themselves without having any third person to operate the procedures, operator will have no idea about the file types, SSL encryption, Eavesdropping protection, P2P connection and more.

About is a data cloud storage service offering company. The company avails the users with a plethora of advantages related to secure data storage, data exchange with clients, peer to peer private conference calls and more.

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