Most jewelry that is memorable usually has an exquisite gem set within it. Though the common person may recognize the beauty of such jewelry, they are more than likely not aware of how difficult this is to do. Being able to take a simple stone and extract the gem within it is a skill that most people do not possess. If you are able to do this in a flawless manner, you have a high degree of skill and have definitely mastered this art. So whenever you see a brilliantly shining gemstone, you'll know what has been done.

Using computers and software to assist in jewelry design is more frequent nowadays. It's difficult to know where to draw the line between those who are skilled in designing with the use of software and those who are traditionally trained. In the latter, there are many areas of knowledge required as it pertains to the structural and mechanical aspects of jewelry design. Traditional designers are also required to learn metallurgical aspects, which is the science of metals. Computer software hasn't yet revolutionized this field, even though it is becoming more and more popular.

Another good reason to have a trusted jeweler, is when you have silver jewelry that you want to evaluate. To learn the reality of your silver items, there are two different choices you have. One way takes making a small scratch on the jewelry, and then putting several drops of nitric acid on it.

If you are hoping that your jewelry is sterling, then you will be happy when the acid turns cloudy and gray. On the other hand, when the drops turn green your jewelry is only silver plated. If you don't think you can examine your silver correctly, then get your jeweler to do it for you.

The third class, contemporary jewelry, offers numerous choices in the marketplace. That's our next subject for discussion. Every year we eagerly await the introduction of the new lines by the world's leading fashion designers. This is a field that is not static, but dynamic and ever-changing. Just as the fashion designers hope their particular "look" or line will become the new trend, so do the top jewelry designers when they create their new lines of contemporary jewelry. Each designer of contemporary jewelry hopes that their inspiration and designs will catch on and be what everybody wants to wear for the coming season, but it is very difficult to know in advance what look will be sought after. But one thing that is interesting is the influence of celebrities in both music and movies in fashion and jewelry. The press is responsible for women all over the world copying their favorite public figure. When "normal" women read about what these world-famous women wear, they want to wear the same things.

We simply love fashion jewelry for the reasons mentioned above, plus there are many others we do not have space to discuss. It really isn't the cost of the jewelry that brings about this lasting love affair but the feeling you get when you're wearing that perfect extra touch for your outfit.

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