The crucifixion and death of Jesus lie at the very heart of Christianity, so the idea that Jesus might not have died on the cross is a fairly earth-shattering one.

The idea isn't new though. Modern Best-sellers such as 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' and 'The Da Vinci Code' made the claim that Jesus survived and escaped to Europe together with Mary Magdalene where they even had children.

Now a writer, Michael Cohen, noted in the past for news items of a paranormal nature is claiming he has evidence from ancient Jewish texts that indeed Jesus escaped to far regions of the Roman Empire, the forests of modern France and Germany, There he was sheltered by Jewish colonists.

According to Cohen,  Jewish communities kept a number of books about Jesus well hidden from Christians for the sake of their own safety “The Church became the underpinning for European civilisation as a whole and possession of manuscripts challenging core ideas very risky” noted Cohen “When printing began many passages relating to Jesus were edited out but nevertheless handed down separately — some of these passages were later printed in collections of censured material”

One collection of books that tells a Jewish version on the Jesus story is 'Toldoth Yeshu, The Generations of Jesus', another source is the famous European rabbi Solomon Isaacides or the Rashi, “Much of Rashi's works were censored, especially parts relating to Jesus, but one knows where to look it is possible to find them” Cohen continues “By comparing these works to lesser known Christian texts such as 'The Gospel of Gamaliel' a uniform picture begins to emerge”

According to Cohen,  it can be shown that the Sanhedrin -The Jewish court of Rabbis- never planned to kill Jesus, only pretend they did to appease many Jews who were horrified by his novel ideas. After taking Jesus down from the cross he was hidden by a Sympathetic leading Rabbi, Gamaliel. Jesus was then accompanied by Gamaliel to Rome and from there he was sent to live with Jewish colonists in France. This account is mentioned in hidden passages of the Crusade Era book 'Chronicles of Solomon Bar Simson.'

“The Jews believed the fact that they had once harboured Jesus would protect them forever from persecution by Christians. The savage attacks and massacres during the Crusades sent shock waves through surviving Jewish communities and resulted in profound religious and cultural shift, In a sense European Judaism was born out of this era”

Mr Cohen is releasing a book 0 as yet untitled,  next year that will include such revelations amongst others.

“I hope my book fosters tolerance and shows people that what unites us is more than what divides us”

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