For a decade now, Mortgage Broker Store has been providing people second mortgages. They are extending their service area to Niagara Falls where people are in need of affordable second mortgages.

A second mortgage is a loan secured against real estate or property. Unlike other loans in the market you don’t need to explain how the money was used making it a perfect way to cater to bills and projects.

The president of this broker store Ron Alphonso said that second mortgage loans are more preferable than unsecured debt. According to him, “second mortgage loans are more affordable in comparison with other available options”. Credit card interest is very high meaning that charging large purchases on them is not practical. A person can save money by getting a second mortgage loan that charges lower rates of 10% instead of paying 20% interest.

Second mortgage loans offer flexible payment options which make them even more attractive to clients. It is easy to negotiate payment breaks, skip payments or choose pre-payment if you wish to have spending money on hand. In this case, missing one payment will not harm your credit rating as long as there was prior communication with the mortgage lender.

Residents in Niagara Falls are able to get financing from Mortgage Broker Store whether they have good credit or not. Ron Alphonso states that, “your salary is not an issue at this brokerage as the only concerns are home equity and existing mortgages”. No matter what your occupation is, they can give you a second mortgage loan based on the money tied up in your home.

Mortgage Broker Store promises residents of Niagara second mortgages in addition to other financial services. The president is quick to point out that, “all brokers have relevant licenses allowing them to offer various loans”. A decade of experience has enabled the brokerage to connections with real estate lenders. By providing them affordable second mortgages the brokerage helps people improve their credit scores which are instrumental in their finding better loans from credible lenders.

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