Seattle, USA, 03, June 2016: People often fail to obey traffic rules and are arrested for violation of rules. They may also be charged under DUI if any traces of alcohol or any banned drug found in their blood stream. In his blog, Attorney Pavel Kleyner advocates obeying traffic rules, and also lists out 5 tips that can help a driver avoid being arrested for DUI.

The first and the foremost tip is to follow the traffic rules, however. When someone keeps driving following traffic rules and using signal lights, he or she is less likely to draw the attention of the traffic police. Violating traffic rules and under the influence of alcohol could bring a double jeopardy for a driver. The Seattle DUI lawyer also recommends checking the DUI checkpoints before hitting the road after a drink. Nowadays, it is possible to research on the internet and learn about these checkpoints.

Attorney Pavel also advises people to keep their car in a good condition. The police may not stop a car if it is in a good condition. But for several minor faults, such as a broken taillight, they can intermediate the driver and also could learn about his/her inebriated condition in the process. According to the attorney, one should maintain a low profile while driving on the road after drinking. The best thing is that one should know his limits and should not try driving a car when he is not capable to control it.

With this Tipsheet, Attorney Pavel intends to help law-abiding citizens, not to get into a legal hassle for drinking in limits. According to him, if someone is capable of driving back to his home after drinking, he could avoid arrests for DUI. However, he fully respects the DUI laws of the state that are meant for making driving safer for everyone. The complete list of tips is available on the Kleyner Law Offices’ website that can guide a citizen to drive safely and avoid DUI arrests. One can access the top five tips for free on the blog

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