Prague, Czech Republic — Sept. 15, 2016 — Michael Stadler, CEO and Alex Zelensky, CTO, Founders of Scaleo — Affiliate Tracking, announced that the firm just launched its newest innovation. Scaleo’s Anti-Fraud Logic. The feature is included at no charge to every client utilizing the company’s affiliate tracking solution.

“We are very happy to include this unique and awesome feature for all of our clients at no additional charge,” said Stadler. “We believe that every company should be able to use the power of affiliate marketing, including proper protection against any fraudulent behavior.”

Scaleo — Affiliate Tracking is revolutionizing the affiliate marketing industry in multiple ways. Adding the Anti-Fraud Logicâ„¢ is just their latest innovation of many more features yet to come. Scaleo has made it possible for everyone to take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities, from those who own small online shops to Fortune 500 companies.

Most affiliate tracking solutions don’t offer any fraud protection at all, only make it available at an enterprise pricing level, or by integrating a third-party tool at an additional cost. Scaleo — Affiliate Tracking is providing its Anti-Fraud Logicâ„¢ at no additional cost, along with all other available features to every client regardless of the chosen subscription plan.

Scaleo - Affiliate Tracking officially started its live operations in May 2016 after extensive beta testing with selected clients for over a year. The firm is currently serving more than 100 clients with its alternative tracking software and has already achieved impressive results.

With our Anti-Fraud Logicâ„¢, each impression, click or conversion is crosschecked through our advanced in-house developed fraud analytics,” said Zelensky. “Combine and analyzing hundreds of internal and external measuring points. A determination of the actual fraud risk is ascertained and delivered to clients as a percentage rating.”

Using Scaleo — Affiliate Tracking as a tracking solution provides protection to merchants and affiliate partners. Reputations are elevated, no marketing dollar is wasted, and everyone enjoys an increased return on investment.

The launch of Scaleo — Affiliate Tracking’s Anti-Fraud Logicâ„¢ provides affiliates, advertisers and networks with powerful detection tools to identify and eliminate a full range of fraudulent practices. The fraud identification solution works throughout the duration of each campaign to improve the overall ROI of Scaleo’s clients.

Tracking services are mandatory for every company but yet mostly at a pricey range. Scaleo’s aggressive pricing strategy, by having the small plan already available for 29$, will definitely bring some changes into the market of affiliate tracking solutions.

About Scaleo

Scaleo is a small but very effective team with over 10 years of experience in affiliate and tracking technologies. Combining our experience helped us creating Scaleo, an awesome solution for affiliates, advertiser and networks. Scaleo - Affiliate Tracking is opening up the power of affiliate marketing to any online business, allowing every client to access all available features and pair it together with affordable pricing. All of that makes Scaleo - Affiliate Tracking a true alternative to any other solution on the market.

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