When life is stressful, having the benefit of aromatherapy ‘on the go’ is nothing short of wonderful!

June 01, 2016 — Known on Amazon for their SC Natural holistic brand, retailer company SmartChoice Fitness has now announced the launch of their latest product, an Aromatherapy Necklace.  The demand for aromatherapy products is growing fast, due to more people understanding the holistic benefits of essential oils.

The Aromatherapy Necklace boasts a chic and beautiful design with crystal embellishments, along with an 18” chain. The body of the pendant and the chain are made of surgical grade hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel. This will ensure longevity and makes the necklace suitable for people who have skin allergies or sensitivity issues. Nigel Piper, the company spokesperson, discussed the necklace features in a press statement also.

“Here at SmartChoice Fitness, all of our products are of the most premium quality followed up with the best customer support. Our latest product, our Aromatherapy Necklace, is part of our holistic brand, SC Natural.’ commented Nigel ‘By infusing an essential oil on one of the supplied pads then placing it into the locket, the wearer will benefit from the scent all day long. The pendant itself has a glass back and a magnetic clasp that makes sure that nothing leaks out and the skin doesn’t get oily.”

With more and more people wanting to seek out natural ways to solve their daily stresses, the therapeutic benefit of aromatherapy ticks all the boxes.  For more information and advice visit SmartChoice Fitness’ aromatherapy page.

The newly launched Aromatherapy Necklace will be sold on the Amazon.com platform and will be sold at a discounted price during the launch period only.  To find out more information, visit the Amazon page here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C5SA2CK

The SC Natural brand is SmartChoice Fitness’ natural supplement and holistic range.  SmartChoice Fitness is a family run business whose ethos is to help people, no matter what their abilities or goals, to welcome changes in their lives which will improve both their well-being and fitness.   They are about tweaking basic elements of people’s lifestyles, and give lots of tips and advice on their website — http://smartchoicefitness.com.   Diet and exercise is hugely important to physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing is no less important to ensure people feel their best every day.   SmartChoice Fitness currently have two different brands:  SmartChoice which covers the more physical element; and SC Natural which covers the holistic approach.
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