19 December, 2013: SavelGo launches a social commerce platform which is being considered as a major launch in the internet world and which is going to redefine the ways people used to buy or sell things in the online world. The platform intends to unlock the potentials of social networking and conceptualizes a new phenomenon where people can influence the buying decision of others by sharing their own shopping experiences. The website allows shoppers to share their purchases, one can review the purchases and can give comments on other’s purchases. This way, it helps in decision making and people would benefit from the cost-saving deals that they will come to know about from their friends, relatives and others. 

It not only benefits the shoppers but retailers and online sellers will also benefit from this platform. Retailers will come to learn about the shopping trends and will come to know about the shopping interests of the individual shoppers. This will enable them to design new shopping offers targeting shoppers with specific shopping profiles. Retailers can bundle different products to lure the customers who have special interests in particular type of products. This way, this social commerce platform will enable the retailers to keep track of the shopper’s interests and will help both shoppers as well as the retailers. 

The creators of the site maintains that this social shopping idea has been conceptualized by realizing the shopping requirements of different online shoppers, which could be strikingly different from each other. Some prefer to shop for the latest electronic gadgets while others show more interests in fashionable apparels. People with different shopping interests have a better expertise or experience of buying goods of their own interests and they can better guide other shoppers in purchasing those objects. This is the reason why comments or reviews of one shopper can benefit other shoppers. 

The creators of the website believe that it is going to revolutionize the social ecommerce space and more and more people will love to part of this new platform. One can be the part of this amazing platform by signing up for free on the site savelgo.com . 

About SavelGo: 

SavelGo is the first social network for shopping lovers to share, comment and review their purchases. The platform offers a powerful marketing opportunity for retailers with the ability to target clients based on their shopping profiles and interests.