The automatic papad machine from Kirtiraj Equipment comes to you as an answer to your food dreams. There are absolutely no complaints from clients who have installed the automatic papad machine in their kitchens, either commercial or domestic. Kirtiraj Equipment is at the very top of its business thanks to its high quality machines. Excellent testimonials from satisfied customers across the globe prove it.  Even the best Indian restaurants in UK, Canada, and Kenya are quick to vouch for the quality and cost effectiveness of these automatic papad making machines.

There is no business like the food business! This happens to be true in today’s world where the foodies, food columnists and chefs are enjoying a new found popularity. Indian food is also much in demand now with the demand growing beyond the boundaries of South Asia. The papad is an accompaniment that can rarely be missed though and food professionals throughout the world have been learning to make the thin and crunchy papads perfectly at present.

Fret not; you have help in the form of an automatic papad machine from Kirtiraj Equipment. The machine is sure to make your work easier, especially when you have the tremendous task of serving hundreds of papads daily. You can certainly hope to have your customers queue up for repeats as they discover the mouth watering taste of hot and crunchy poppadums as the humble papad is known as in UK.

Quality is the most prominent factor that should guide you while choosing the automatic papad machine for you. You will not be able to look beyond Kirtiraj Equipment though for it is simply the best amongst all the papad making machine manufacturer in India right now. The company has been manufacturing the machines since 1983 and has been innovating constantly, churning out the latest models at regular intervals. Each of their products from the papad dough mixing machine to the sheet making machine as well as the electric papad drying machine is unique in its own way helping you to do your job efficiently each day. Remember that there will be no complaints either once you get an automatic papad machine installed in your grand commercial kitchen. The same holds true for a modest sized informal kitchen as well for Kirtiraj Equipment serves each of its customers with equal dedication taking pride in its standard of service that has remained unaltered through the decades.

You are welcome to request a quote from the various papad making machine suppliers in your city before taking the final decision though. Kirtiraj Equipment is sure to come tops yet again thanks to its high quality machines and superb credentials from satisfied customers across the globe.  You are also welcome to try out the different products from Kirtiraj Equipment and order one or several of them as per your requirement. The largest restaurants and papad companies from USA. UK, Canada, Australia and Kenya are quick to vouch for the quality as well as the price of the papad making machines. You will discover that you are getting the best value for money once you get accustomed to using automatic papad making machines on a daily basis.

Diversification is the key to take your business forward and the Gujarat based Kirtiraj Equipment is well up to this challenge too. It has the puri as well the roti making machines on offer now with an additional option of forgetting kneading the dough with your hands and making use of a machine for this purpose too. Thus the food professionals can hope to save time and labor by utilizing machines from the papad making machine suppliers and still get the satisfaction of serving wonderfully appetizing meals to their clientele and families.

Company Profile - Kirtiaj Equipment is a company based at Anand, Gujarat in India. The company set up in 1983 started with manufacturing automatic Papad making machines that has gained in popularity with every passing year.  The company strongly believes in its motto that emphasized on the “simplification and mechanization of papad making process”. Innovation happens to be the key of Kirtiaj Equipment even today and the country keeps on bettering itself in the process. The huge number of satisfied customers world wide bear testimony to the fact.
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