Sanam Jung’s weakness revealed!


Sanam Jung, the beautiful Pakistani star currently seen playing the character of Sila on Zindagi’s Dil e Nadaan recently confessed her weakness as an actress — she cant remember her dialogues! The actress usually faces problems remembering her lines and ends up giving countless retakes for one scene.


Remembering one incident that occurred during the shoot of the ongoing show Dil e Nadaan, Sanam narrated “There was one scene where I had to sweep a floor and then deliver a dialogue. I kept forgetting the lines and had to redo the scene seven or eight times because the director was adamant that we wouldn’t take a cut before the dialogue. By the time I was done with that scene, the floor was so clean that one could have eaten off it!”


Dil e Nadaan, the current super hit on Zindagi, is a realistic and beautiful journey of love as well as upheavals before marriage to the trials and tribulations faced after marriage. It’s the story about a rich girl falling in love with her poor cousin and eventually getting married to him. But what happens when another girl comes between the two forms the crux of the story. Since its launch on 6th February 2015, Dil e Nadaan has been winning the hearts of audiences across the country with its powerful acting and intriguing story.


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