24 December, 2013:

‘Tis the Season to be Rainy. Is it time for new rain gutters on your home?

“With many home owners transitioning from the old, traditional gutters to seamless gutters, this has helped to solve a number of the problems traditional gutters were prone to, eliminating a significant amount of grief for homeowners, and best of all they are cost effective to install,” claims Greg Martin, owner of AAA Pro1 Rain Gutters, a seamless rain guttering service in San Marcos, CA

Winter time means rain. Clogged, blocked and leaking rain gutters are a sad reality for many homeowners. Many have come to realize the difference between seamless and seamed rain gutters is that no seams means there is less potential for clogs and leaks.

“Even a tiny gap in the seam of a gutter can cause a leak, completely eliminating the basic function of the gutters until it’s fixed, and this could mean the difference between having a happy or a sad holiday season,” adds Greg.

Fixing such a gap typically means, according to the San Marcos rain gutters expert, replacing the whole section of gutter, which can be inconvenient and expensive.

“And what better time to replace them than in the winter season when you need them the most? Eliminating all leaky and clogged gutters could be the best present you have ever given yourself, a friend or neighbor who appreciates properly functioning rain gutters,” adds Greg.

Having seamless gutters also means a better support structure for the gutters, as opposed to broken seams that put the gutters in danger of sagging or falling off the house. “Having leaky gutters is bad enough, but its even worse having them falling off the house entirely,” says Greg, who also attests to seamless rain gutters having no possibility of broken seams, and are therefore much sturdier than the traditional sort.

Having a firm and improved gutter system in place not only helps to keep the gutters at a proper rate of decline, ensuring that water flows through them properly, but prevents water from getting backed up in an uneven section of the gutters.

Seamless rain gutter also look better, according to spokesperson Greg, because they don’t have unsightly seams.

With seamless rain gutters effectively eliminating many of the major problems that traditional gutters are fraught with, Greg attests to their reliability. “They don’t leak, they’re structurally sound, they have good water flow and they are visually appealing,” adds the San Marcos rain gutters expert.

For further information about why seamless gutters in San Marcos are so popular, read the full article here: http://aaapro1raingutters.com/articles/seamless-rain-gutters-popular-san-marcos-ca

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