*Over 130,000 US Veterans are hungry and homeless on any given night, and almost 1.5 million Veterans are at risk of starvation!

March 1, 2014, Delray Beach, FL, United States - Warrior Food Project, a 501c(3) non-profit charity organization based in the USA, has undertaken a war against hunger on behalf of veterans and their families by providing them free closeout food and beverages. Food and beverage manufacturers are invited to make a difference and donate their closeout food and beverage excess inventory.

Warrior Food Project is the most highly trusted and respected non-profit food liquidation organization.  Over-productions, close dated items, package changes, discontinued goods and even out-of-date merchandise are all accepted by Warrior Food Project. Pick up is available nationwide at your warehouse and delivery can happen directly to veteran food banks, food pantries and VA Hospitals.

The recent economic crisis and unfortunate situations have led to hundreds of thousands of veterans struggling with chronic hunger. Even more troubling, their children and spouses are suffering as well, and this is completely appalling.  If the business community partners with the Warrior Food Project to provide these hungry veterans with basic food and beverages by donating their closeout food and beverages, we could see our veterans no longer struggling to find enough to eat.

The Warrior Food Project aims to fight Veteran hunger through:
* Community food pantries, local food banks and Veteran Hospitals, which can provide regular supply of food and beverages to the Veterans and their families
* Distribution of related goods & services
* Public awareness & outreach

Donations in the form of Closeouts, Close-Dated, Package Changes, Out-of-Date, Excess Inventory, and Overstock Food and beverages of any kind are all accepted. Moreover, those who donate receive generous tax receipts.

For more information, simply visit: http://www.warriorfoodproject.org

About Warrior Food Project
Warrior Food Project is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization committed to helping feeding hungry US Veterans and their families by accepting food and beverage manufacturer closeout donations direct from US food and beverage manufacturers.

Larry Denis, Managing Director
Warrior Food Project
13560 Sabal Palm Court
Delray Beach, FL 33484
Phone: 561-317-9913
EIN# 47-1199675
Website: http://www.warriorfoodproject.org