Shenzhen, China 14/12/2013: RF isolators have been in use for more than three decades mainly for land mobile (wireless) systems. The demand for RF isolator has increased substantially over the years with the development of multi-channel systems. Saisum Technology has been designing and manufacturing isolators for over a number of years. The advanced technology and manufacturing expertise from Saisum Technology ensures quality products that adhere to the RoHS standard. The company offers its clients with competitive prices and well capable of meeting high or low volume requirements within a short period of time. First class customer services along with on-time delivery of the products have helped the company to gain the trust and appreciation of its customers. 

The company provides different types of products to its clients all over the world which include RF isolators, RF circulators, coaxial attenuators, cavity power splitters and more. Every product manufactured by the company undergoes thorough quality check and manufactured under the supervision of its expert professionals. The coaxial isolator from Saisum Technology ensures top class quality and performance at reasonable prices. The frequency of the isolators ranges from 20MHz to 26.5MHz. The isolators manufactured by the company have found their usage in space, military and commercial applications all over the world. The isolators are manufactured in such a way so that they have good temperature behaviour and high aseismatic capability. The company puts in all its effort to meet the demands of its clients by providing them with customized solutions. 

The Drop in isolator is essential component for the proper functioning of oscillators, amplifiers, transceiver systems and integrated modules. Saisum Technology is one of the leading providers of Drop-in isolators for different industries as well as space and military applications. The high quality, lows cost isolators guarantee optimum performance and durability. The company has the resources and manpower to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of its products to clients all across the globe. The highly capable staff and advanced technological resources play an important role towards the steady growth and expansion of its businesses. 

The profits made by the company are consistently re-invested to promote future growth and stay at par with technological advancements. The company has been able to establish long-term, close relationships with its clients by offering them with top quality products, time delivery, competitive pricing and reliable engineering support. The products manufactured by Saisum technology has been accepted and appreciated by leading companies all over the world. They are the preferred choice of most businesses when it comes to supply of frequency control devices. All their products are strictly tested to ensure reliability, durability, functionality and security. The company always strives to provide its clients with outstanding support and service. 

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Saisum Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of resistors, circulators, repeaters, filters, isolators and various telecommunication components. As an experienced and professional group they always put in their best effort to offer the best products to their clients. 

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