Recent reports show that people are starting to spend more on the wedding venues as compared to other expenditures of the entire wedding. According to the report, it is said that the location says a lot more about the class of the couple, and the entire setting than other aspects of the wedding.

Couples today are willing to pay any amount for the venue that the perfect venue. This craze is more so in the social circle of Manchester. The city offers some of the best wedding venues in the country. Couples from across the country come to the much loved city to have their wedding. While there are many wedding venues Lancashire, it has been a challenge for many couples to find the perfect location. Saddleworth Hotel continues to be one of the most popular choices in Manchester for its versatility. The hotel has been known for its continuous facelifts undergone just to suit the taste and demand of couples hosting their weddings there. The hotel understands that finding the perfect location lies not in the lushest venues but in finding exactly what they are looking for. Not all couples are impressed by a typical peonies decorated place. There are couples who are more at home in a country barn themed venue or a simple decoration. The ability and the willingness of the hotel to change and meet the demands of couples have led to the popularity of the hotel. 

The hotel has an already breathtaking background that makes it easy for guests and the wedding couple to have a great time in a scenery that is serene. With an already natural picturesque location and yet a convenient location making for an easy transportation for the guests. The hotel also offers additional services to meet the demands of the clients. For more information please go to



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Saddleworth Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Manchester, making it one of the most favored wedding venues in the city. It is also open to host functions like conferences, retreats, and other ceremonies. 


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