Runtopia, the well-known sports app, has officially announced its new strategic plan—Runtopia Premium, making it a great turning point for Runtopia into a more mature app. Runtopia Premium is specifically designed for professional runners, which is offered to users by Runtopia in the in-app purchases section. Runtopia Premium members can experience multiple advanced features, such as training plans, a cadence metronome, real-time heart rate zone analysis and more.

Runtopia made its first move to support the GPS watches and Bluetooth heart-rate devices earlier in March 2017, and now the app continues to push it forward to the professional field. On the occasion of the new release of version 2.3, Runtopia introduced a new feature “Heart-rate Zone”, which was considered a great addition & optimization for the heart-rate device connections. This new feature displays a real-time data of heart-rate, which enables you to easily track your heart rate during your workout. Furthermore, if your heart rate reaches a dangerous and high level, the audio coach will send you a warning alarm to avoid any harm or injury. The app also provides a heart-rate interval analysis, enabling runners to improve the training performance.

Runtopia spent several months working with experienced running coaches to design the “Training Plans” for runners. The offered training plans are suitable for all runners, regardless of running experience or exercise goal. Additionally, users can customize a suitable training plan according to personal goals, via the questionnaire. By training with the motivating voice coach, the result-oriented plans will improve your performance and allow you to progress towards your goals. Surprisingly, Runtopia has even embedded a Cadence Metronome into the app, aiding runners to adjust and maintain their running rhythm.

This is only the first milestone, and Runtopia will keep improving and creating new content to become the best running app. Stay tuned for future news of a greater Runtopia!

About the Runtopia APP:

Runtopia GPS tracker is a reliable running app to track your run. It provides you dimensional data analysis (distance, route, mileage, duration, jogging pace, stride, cadence, elevation, calories burned etc.). Serving as your personal running trainer, Runtopia helps you keep fit, track your progress, and reach your goals!

Millions of runners have already chosen Runtopia as their personal running app! In this runners' world, everyone is equal, but we all have something in common; we’re all runners. Join Runtopia now to find person with mutual interests! Personal challenge, fun run with friends, performance comparison and sharing all your highlighted moments!

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