Babylon, NY, USA, 11, May 2016: For many men, having a well-groomed and shiny beard is a hot trend and they try different oils, shampoos and creams to hydrate and moisturize their facial hair and skin. However, growing beards and maintaining its natural shine and growth requires specially developed beard oil introduced by AJ Macaluso, the Co-founder of the website puts an emphasis on using quality beard oil blend for the healthy growth of facial hair and recommends using beard oil for having a well-groomed beard.

According to AJ Macaluso, this beard oil is especially meant for the beard to keep the hair and skin hydrated and moisturized. This helps avoiding the dryness of the scalp, which often causes irritation and itchiness. The common shampoos or creams available in the market may contain chemicals that can further aggravate the problem of skin dryness or itchiness. This is the reason why the male population should learn about the benefits of using beard oil for a healthy growth of their facial hair.

AJ Macaluso reveals that the beard oil is generally made of a variety of oils and the composition may vary from company to company. However, the carrier oil is often used as the base oil for all the beard oils and companies may add other oils and mixtures to it to make it useful for the beard. It may also contain some essential oils, which gives a characteristic aroma to the oil. There could also be conditioning and moisturizing elements that help maintaining the health and natural growth of the facial hair.

The experts share the tips of using beard oil and guide the male population in getting the best and shiny beard naturally. According to them, one should apply the oil after washing the face and it nourishes the hair and the skin underneath. Moreover, one should apply an appropriate amount of oil as per the length of the beard. A proper massage of the facial hair and the skin with the oil helps in moisturizing the beard. The oil can keep one’s beard smelling fresh and will keep it free from flakes. One can get the complete tips on using beard oils for free on the website


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