Anping County, Hebei Province, China; 05, July 2016: The problem of global warming is raising alarms all around the world, and industries are growing more sensitive towards the depleting environmental conditions on our planet. The release of the high amount of greenhouse gases due to industrial processes is also raising concerns globally. All these bring a critical challenge to help maintain a healthy and hygienic atmospheric condition inside buildings.

To help address the issue, China based Jiujiu Filter Equipment Company announces an all-time availability of carbon filter for green house for companies engaged in manufacturing air filtration systems. For homes, offices and other buildings, the carbon filter acts as a barrier for harmful green houses to enter into the building. The specially designed carbon filter helps keep the temperature affable inside the building and people can breathe in fresh air.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their activated carbon filter is capable of removing all odors and one can smell fresh. They offer carbon filters in a variety of sizes that can fit into different size fans. Companies from around the world can procure carbon filters in any quantity throughout the year for manufacturing air purification systems. Since the demand of carbon filters is skyrocketing, the China Company maintains a ready stock to ship them at any time to the global destinations.

The company also offers a significant air filter media range, including air filter fabric, pleated panel filter media, auto air filter, etc. The filter media is made of PET fiber and is perfect for the repeated and long-lasting use. With a high dust holding capacity, it can allow fresh air to enter into the building without any dust particle that often causes breathing disorders. To learn more about the carbon filter and other products that the company offers, one can visit the website

About Anping County Jiujiu Filter Equipment Co., Ltd:

Jiujiu Filter, established in 2003, is an advanced enterprise combined with scientific research, production and market. The company is located in the famous hometown of wire mesh in the world- Anping County. The advantages of technology, talent and material helped the company develop rapidly. The company is based on technological development with experienced talents. It focuses on management and quality. Moreover, it improves the service system and increases the market competitiveness. The main products are active carbon filter, dust filter cartridge (dust collector cartridge filters), hydraulic oil filter element, non-standard stainless steel filter element, auto filter media, Metal mesh filter non-woven, carbon filter cloth, preliminary-efficiency filter media, fire retardation filter media etc. The company has designated distributors in more than 20 provincial or municipal areas in China, and the company’s products are exported to North America, UK, France, Germany, Russia and the countries in Southeast Asia.

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