Moss is a plant that naturally grows on almost all types of surfaces which include the ground, trees rocks driveways and frequently on house roofs. The way this happens is that tiny spores are produced and float through the air and land on the house roof. During the wet months these tiny spores develop and grow into moss.

The thing with Moss is that during the warmer and drier months, the moss goes into a dormant state which to the untrained eye looks like it has died off. It usually turns into a rust color. Although there are sometimes different types of algae that grow on roofs that can look dead at all times. These are sometimes a bit easier to clean and typically produce damage at a slower rate.

A professional roof moss removal company called Eagle Roof & Gutter Cleaning has stated that the real danger with moss is where it grows and how it grows. The moss grows in between the shingles and lifts them as it becomes a few inches thick. Then once it grows it acts as a sponge and soaks up all the rainwater and stores it for days after the rain has stopped. Why is this bad? Because it allows water to soak under the layer that is supposed to protect against water. Leaving the structural wood underneath to because soaked and saturated and can lead to rot.

Now it’s best to treat the roof moss early on before all the structural damage happens. Because then a simple roof cleaning can be conducted to treat it. This will remove the roof moss and will treat it to prevent any future growth.

If the treatment or removal is delayed then you are looking at a costly repair in the future. Replacing the shingles alone on a home can run at least 7,000 alone in material cost not including labor cost. Adding any structural damage repair such as replacing any rotted plywood or joist can triple the typical cost. Investing in roof cleaning maintenance can save you all these costly repairs in the future.